Motorcycle Helmet: Which Type of Motorcycle Helmet Do you Need?

Choosing the right motorcycle helmet for you is critical to your safety while on the road. Unfortunately, there are several types of motorcycle helmets in the market today, which confuses most casual buyers. So, which type of motorcycle helmet do you need?

There are several types of motorcycle helmets you can find in the market today; namely:

  • Full-face helmet
  • Half-face helmet
  • Modular helmet
  • Open-face helmet
  • Off-road helmet
  • Dual-sport

Each of the helmets has significant uses, and the most common is to provide head protection in case of road miscalculations or accidents.

So, what makes you feel confused when choosing a motorcycle helmet?

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Also, to help reduce your options, check the different types of motorcycle helmets.

Full-face Helmet

A full-face helmet covers the entire head and a part of the neck. It is considered as one of the efficient motorcycle helmets that can withstand a near full impact, keeping your head from acquiring a serious head injury.

Most of the full-face helmets are designed with a chin bar – a safety feature that provides additional protection for the chin and the jaw. If you are undecided on what type of motorcycle helmet you should choose, a full-face helmet is versatile enough that it can be used in almost all motorcycle activities.

Half-face helmet

A half-face helmet does not provide full head protection, unlike what full-face helmets do. It is designed to cover the area from the forehead, up to the top of the head, and down to the back of your ears and neck, leaving the rest of your face uncovered and exposed.

Most half-face helmets are recommended for casual motorcycle riders, including people who use a motorcycle to drive nearby places and do not require too much speed.

Modular helmet

A modular or flip-up helmet is a mixed ¾ helmet or open-face helmet and full-face helmet, where it features a flip-up chin bar and visor, allowing you to open the front of the helmet. Although a modular helmet resembles a full-face helmet, the rider’s safety is reduced due to the hinge structure. Even so, a modular helmet offers more head protection than an open-face helmet.

Modular helmets are ideal for tourers, adventure riders, and or cruisers.

Open-face (3/4) helmet

An open-face helmet is built with a top back cover that touches to the sides of the head, leaving the face open. It is structurally equal to a full-face helmet but not as tough as the former. Also, these types of helmets are ideal for scooters, tourers, café racers, and cruisers.

Off-road helmet

If you are into motocross, dirt bike, MX, and other extreme motorcycle sports, an off-road helmet is a right choice for you. It is equipped with a better and larger visor and ventilation, which is an advantage during warmer months of motorcycle competition.

Dual-sport helmet

A dual-sport helmet is a mixed design from crossover, ADV, Eduro, and Hybrid. It is equipped with extra padding for comfort and protection. Also, this type of helmet is best in both off-road and road adventures.

Final Thoughts

So, have you decided which helmet you should use? If you are still confused, always remember to choose comfort and security.