My job as a tourist guide flawlessly accommodates my passion as a music entertainer

My job as a tourist guide flawlessly accommodates my passion as a music entertainer

Many people love travelling. The curious and adventurous nature of mankind makes him want to explore places where he has not been before and to see things that he has not seen before. It is also in us to want to meet different kinds of people with different kinds of cultures.

I am no different, I love travelling very much. The only difference that my love for travel goes farther and deeper than what many other people have. For me, travel is a deep passion.

Luckily for me, it is possible to have a proper career that is wholly based on travelling. For many years I had been apprehensive of working when I grew up. I had imagined that every adult has to work in a monotonous office where one is holed up for the whole day. I had been quite dismayed that I would also have to live such a life.

When I discovered that there were other respectable well-paying jobs that did not involve sitting in an office, and not jobs in a plane or in a ship. I was overjoyed. I had heard of travel jobs that entailed staying within a plane or a ship. For me these jobs were no different than working in an office. For me, I wanted to be out in the open working in environments that are constantly changing.

My elation shot up to its zenith after I did a little research on jobs that do not involve staying holed up in one place and I discovered tourist jobs.

When I got to college, I decided to major on tourism. Finally after college I was able to land a job as a tourist guide. My work now involves taking tourists around the major attraction sites in the country.

Apart from travelling, I have another passion, I love music. I love singing and playing the guitar. I have a very good voice for singing and I can play the guitar pretty well. It is obvious that I am however not a world class music maestro since then I would have a career in music, but I am pretty well above normal.

Since my job as a travel guide affords me a lot of freedoms, I often indulge in my other passion for music while working. Luckily, my two passions are quite compatible. Actually, my skill and passion as a musician has made me a famous travel guide among tourists. They call me the guide with a guitar.

Often when we are out in the outdoors, I entertain the tourists with a couple of songs while playing my special guitar that is specially customized as a travel guitar.

The tourists love my singing and guitar playing so much that they are always asking for more. Many times when we are out camping, other visitors from other camps come to our camp to enjoy my singing. At times, the crowds become so big that I think that I might have to invest in a guitar amplifier to be able to comfortably play for my outdoor audiences.

My job as a tourist guide flawlessly accommodates my passion as a music entertainer Credit Picture License: Chicago, 2016 via photopin cc