Pain Management: How to Deal with Neuropathic Pain

1Dealing with neuropathic (nerve) pain can be a long-term problem. The tingling and sharp pain felt is the result of neuropathy – a condition where there is a significant damage or injury to the nerves. Other than pain, neuropathy can cause numbness or extreme sensitivity. For some, the pain may start sharply and ends quickly. But, according to medical experts, there are more people who are suffering from excruciating, tingling, and a sharp stabbing pain for hours; also, the pain is worst during night-time. In comparison to some short-lived pain like the nociceptive pain, the neuropathic pain can never be easily treated with some painkillers.

Despite the advanced medical technology, some painkillers do not offer a permanent relief. If you are currently suffering from nerve pain, you might want to try beyond those conventional medications and look for some alternative approach? If you do, why not create a strategic plan? Strategic Plan Creating a plan on how to fight off the nerve pain effectively, you have to trigger your body’s natural painkillers. In fact, Dr. Randall Labrum had found effective solutions to resolve neuropathy, by which he calls the strategic plan as “The Neuropathy Solution” treatment program. So, on top of your current medication to relieve the pain, why not read how to end neuropathy pain by Dr. Labrum’s pain management and create your own strategy to make yourself feel better. Here are some steps that you can use for a steadfast recovery:

  • Always monitor your blood sugar

If you are diabetic your main priority is to keep your blood sugar under control because having a normal sugar level in the blood is the most effective treatment for diabetic neuropathic pain.

  • Eat healthy food

According to medical experts, food has a huge impact on the body, and if you are suffering from nerve pain, you have to avoid foods that can trigger the pain. For instance, a patient suffering from diabetic neuropathy must avoid food with high sugar content because it can increase the blood sugar level, causing a significant inflammation in trigger parts of the body (common legs, feet, arms, and hands) and may cause more pain.

  • Exercise

Did you know that exercise can release endorphins? Endorphins are known as natural painkillers. Also, it promotes good circulation throughout the body, especially to your feet and legs. Exercising have long-term benefits; so, if you are suffering from neuropathy, do not forget to include exercise in your plan.

  • Warm bath

A warm bath is one of the effective ways to encourage good blood circulation. In fact, studies have shown that soaking in a warm bath every now and then helps relieve nerve and muscle pain.

  • Sleep

Although having a good night’s sleep is impossible during the night because the nerve pain is worst during night-time, still, you need to break your current sleeping habit through limiting caffeine in the afternoon and take a warm bath before sleeping, this will encourage a more relaxing sleep.

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages

Your body is currently suffering from toxins that cause nerve pain; thus, by drinking alcoholic beverages, you are encouraging nerve pain. There are several ways to end nerve pain; however, the success will depend on your determination to a steadfast recovery.