Recommended and Effective Mouse Traps

Pests are animals or insects that are destructive to the extent that it can cause harm to people and anything that they get in contact with people. These diseases are transmitted through the following:

  • Being exposed to the infected rodent’s urine, saliva, feces, or their nesting material.
  • Skin to skin contact
  • Bites and scratches from the pest

Sometimes, these things are not noticeable and can happen anytime. Often, people realize that they have been infected because of the symptoms slowly showing. The common diseases that are transmitted by these pests are:


A common house mouse is its commonly known host. When a person is infected by this disease, they will encounter two (2) stages of symptoms. The first stage is where one will feel nausea, headache, vomiting, lack of appetite, and muscle spasms. The second stage is where one will feel more neurological symptoms such as meningitis and encephalitis.


This disease is often carried by hosts like a cotton rat, a white-footed mouse, or a rice rat. This disease is one of the most life threatening disease as there are no concrete treatment or vaccine. The symptom of this is no different than the normal symptoms like fever, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.


Just like its name, this disease is transmitted when one is being bitten by the pest; in this case, a rat. With common symptoms, a person will also experience visible rashes when they get infected.


This disease is transmitted by termites and fleas that come with the rodents. The most common symptom of this is fever.

The common disease carriers are often rodents. To avoid encountering them, people often resort to having mouse traps in their homes or in their business space. There are different types of mouse traps. Due to the demand, people have various products to choose from. Because manufacturers are taking advantage of the need to have one, not all products are guaranteed high quality and worth every dime you are going to spend.

Although not everything in the market is worth buying, these mouse traps are known to be effective and are of great quality.

Recommended and Effective Mouse Traps

1. Hux Eye Catch and Release Traps

It is known that trapping a rat involves killing them. The Hux Eye Catch and Release Trap is different. This trap is one of the most humane ways to catch a rodent. Here, you will have the choice of releasing the rodent somewhere else.

2. Atomic Barbie Live Animal Trap

It is designed in a metal cage often used by professional pest exterminators and it also comes in different sizes; you will be able to choose the size depending on the rodent or pest you are trying to catch. This trap will also give you the choice to release the ones you’ve caught and will not limit you to kill it. This will definitely be worth your money as it is also reusable.

If you are interested and are in search of the best mouse traps, will find detailed reviews and information of the best mouse traps in the market here: