Roof Replacement or Repair? Know the Difference

Does your roof require repair or total replacement?

Making a good decision between roof repair and replacement will help you minimize the cost while trying to maximize the roofing efficiency.

If you are currently confused about whether to have your roof repaired or it needs a total roof replacement, this post will help you determine the difference between two roofing options.

What is a roof repair?

There is a huge difference between roof repair and replacement; although both are a part of good roofing maintenance, roof repair is patching a damaged small portion of the roof. Roofing issues such as missing or cracked shingles, broken tiles, or holes on the metal roof due to aging, are often solved through smart roof repair.

However, not all roof issues can be resolved through repair; some may require small to total roof replacement.

What is roof replacement?

Roof restoration is one of the common reasons to have either a portion of roof replacement or the entirety of it. The roof replacement becomes an option when the roof is almost at the end of its service life and repair can no longer be considered as a good solution.

When do you exactly need a roof replacement?

Roof replacement is quite expensive than roof repair. So, before reaching a decision, whether to have your roof repaired or replaced, here is a list of signs that your roof requires replacement and not patching ups.

#1: Obvious moisture and stain on the ceiling

If you notice that the moisture or stain on the ceiling is not leaving the spot but is worsening instead, the damage of the roof has reached its limit. Patching the damaged portion of the roof may still be a good solution but it is not cost-efficient because the problem may still arise after a couple of weeks. Instead, opt for roof replacement.

#2: Extensive damage

If your neighborhood was hit by a tornado, a violent storm, or hurricane and your house were affected by it, especially the roof, the situation requires you to have a roof replacement.

#3: The age of the roof

The wearing and tearing of the roof material are understandable, especially if it has not been well-maintained for more than 5 or 10 years. So, if your roof is leaking and there are obvious signs of disrepair and it has not been maintained well for more than 5 years, your roof needs more than repair – a replacement.

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Whether your roof needs repair or replacement, you have to understand that good roof maintenance every year keeps the life of your roof extended. Roof maintenance includes immediate repair of the roof when there is obvious damage, ensuring the insulation material under the shingles stays dry, keeping the roof from mold build-up, and more.

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