Staple Wires for Upholstery Projects



Definitely, staple guns are products that can help people accomplish small and large projects. That, of course, will depend on the type of staple gun that the user has. Accomplishing upholstered furniture repairs have been made easier because of this tool and DIYers and homeowners have saved a lot of money since they no longer have to hire a contractor. Similarly, they also no longer have to wait a long time just for their upholstery to be fixed. Additionally, they can even upgrade their furniture.

As similar to choosing the type of staple guns, people should also be aware that there are different types of staple wires. Some of them are intended for upholstery and others are not. Generally speaking, people should choose gauge 20 or 22 staple wires when they are working on upholstery. They can either of the fine wire or medium-duty types. Meaning, they have a thickness that is either very thin or mid-thin. Nonetheless, people should still consider the length size of the staple wire.

When choosing a staple wire based on length, this is based on the size of the project or the upholstery and surface that the user will be working on. Thus, before even choosing one, people should measure the item to be worked on properly. Obviously, the thicker the material to be worked on plus the object from which it will be attached, the longer or thicker the staple wire should be.

Based on the homepage of some staple wire experts, the size of the wire’s leg that is ideal for upholstery repairs and upgrades include ¼”, 3/8″, 5/8″, and ½”. ¼-inch size wire is usually recommended for single-layer upholstery, as well as those that are made of thin and lightweight fabric materials like Dacron and burlap. The great thing about this wire size is that it is not too difficult to remove it once you commit an error. Likewise, it will not cause any damages to the frame where the fabric is attached. However, if the user is not too good at accomplishing the project, this may not give the right amount of strength needed to hold the pieces together.

The ¼-inch staple wire, on the other hand, can be used for multiple layers of thin and lightweight fabric materials. Hence, they can be used together with the first staple wire size if the layers of fabric in one upholstered furniture is not consistent. Next is the ½-inch staple wire. This is recommended for thick and heavy fabric materials like chenille and velvet. It is also the most efficient if the frame of the furniture is brittle and has a lot of pores. Hence, it is ideal for furniture that has been reupholstered for many times.

This is also the size of staple wire that is to be used when dealing with materials that provide structural shape and support to the furniture, like webbing. The only problem with this size is that upon removal, it may damage or leave some of its parts on the frame. Hence, care must be taken when removing this staple wire.