Tell-Tale Signs of a Faulty Ethernet Cable

What are the signs of a faulty Ethernet cable? Learn them all to enhance Ethernet performance. 

Think of this; you were playing your favorite video game, and you were winning. Well, almost; when suddenly the game lagged and you lose. If it has been a serious game, probably, you would get angry. Experiencing lag in the middle of the game is the last thing a gamer would want. Unfortunately, it does happen due to an error in Ethernet connections.

Routers are connected to the gaming console by Ethernet cables, also known as network cables. Ethernet cables allow the transfer of signal from the network to another device. It is one of the essential elements of an electric system. Without a proper Ethernet cable, expect to experience interruptions and poor quality performance from your device.

There are occasions wherein Ethernet is faulty. Here are the indicators of a poorly performing Ethernet cable.

#1 Loses Connection Frequently

One indicative sign of a faulty Ethernet cable is unstable connectivity. The transfer of data or signal suddenly stops during operation.

It is easy to identify if the Ethernet lost connection.

  • First, the light does not turn on when you plug the cable into the Ethernet adapter. It is a sign that there is a problem with the cable or adapter.
  • Second, if the display shows ‘network connection is lost’ or ‘no connection.’ It is a clear indicator that something has gone wrong with the system.  When it happens, check if the cable is properly connected.  However, if the issue is still unresolved, you should check the cable and the adapter. And if the problem is either the cable or the adapter, you should consider replacing the part with a new one. You can go to for examples of the best Ethernet cables this year.

#2 Slow Connection

Have you been experiencing intermittent and slow connections for a while? If yes, then there could be a problem with your cable connection.

Slow connection is one of the evident signs of faulty Ethernet cables. Poor connectivity causes you to drop in and out when playing a game. Likewise, it is the reason why your game keeps on lagging.

The possible reasons behind slow and intermittent connections are damage to the internal wire connection. It could be that the cable is bent or broken, which results in the slow transfer of signal.

The best solution is to replace your old Ethernet cable with a new one. As you upgrade your Ethernet system, make sure to choose an Ethernet cable that matches your needs. For instance, Cat-6 is a middle ground option. It is a good choice for household applications. On the other hand, the best choice for professional, business, and gaming are Cat-7 to Cat-8.

#3 Wiggling Re-establishes Connection

If your connectivity restores by wiggling the cable, no doubt, the cable connector is the problem. A damaged cable connector causes the signal transfer to stop and goes back on. However, the signal restores by wiggling the cable.

One reason why the cable connector does not work properly is due to a broken lever. It is the built-in plastic lever that secures the cable in place to the port. When broken, the cable drops or moved out of place, thereby interrupting the connection.