Testosterone-Booster Supplement: Does it Really Work?

Several men at the age of 30 and beyond are experiencing a decline in sex drive or desire, strength, sperm production, muscle mass, and bone density. Also, most men at the age beyond his prime, his body starts to build up belly fats and even “man boobs” – all these are sometimes caused by low production of testosterone.

What exactly is testosterone?

Both estrogen and testosterone are the main sex hormones, which are found in the body of both sexes; however, the male’s body has higher production of testosterone, while the female’s body produces a higher level of estrogen.

Testosterone on men is responsible for various body functions such as:

•    Regulate sex drive or libido
•    Bone mass
•    Fat distribution
•    Muscle strength and mass
•    Production of sperm
•    Production of red blood cells

Unfortunately, the levels of testosterone start to decline after the age of 30 due to aging. However, that is not the only cause why men are experiencing a decline of testosterone level; some of these are a result of:

•    Injury to the testes or testicles
•    Medication (common are cancer treatment)
•    Problems with the pituitary gland
•    AIDS or HIV
•    Inflammatory diseases such as tuberculosis or sarcoidosis
•    Tumors in the testicles

In order to avoid depletion of testosterone level and to support a healthy lifestyle and production of testosterone, several physicians and fitness experts would recommend testosterone-booster supplement.

Do they really work?

According to the medical experts, if the body is no longer able to produce enough testosterone that will help support most of the male body functions, taking a reliable testosterone-booster supplement is one of the best options aside from other medical treatment. Although, there are not enough scientific reasons that prescribing the supplement would increase the production of testosterone, there have been several claims that several men who have taken the supplement gain positive results, specifically, their desire for sex, stamina, endurance, muscle mass and strength, and more – all thanks to the ingredients.

The Ingredients

What makes a supplement effective and safe are its ingredients; in the case of a testosterone-booster supplement, there are proven potent ingredients that help boost the production of testosterone. Some of these are:

  • D-Aspartic Acid

Several studies have proven that the D-AA has the ability to increase the production of testosterone by 42 percent by 12 days; in fact, it is one of the most effective ingredients that help boost luteinizing hormone which has a direct impact in increasing the levels of the testosterone.

  • Magnesium

It has been proven that magnesium has the ability to increase the production of testosterone by enabling the individual a quality sleep. Magnesium is found to promote sleep, which helps promote the production of testosterone.

  • Fenugreek

One of the most incredible natural herbs to help boost and normalize the production of testosterone is the Fenugreek. Also, it helps boost strength, vitality, stamina, and even the male libido.

There are other ingredients that are found in the most reliable testosterone-booster supplement; in fact, you may check some Testogen reviews to see if it’s right for you.

Testogen is one of the reliable and affordable testosterone-booster supplements that is available in the market today; so, if you want to buy one to support the production of testosterone in your body, check out its reviews if it is the right supplement for you.