Top Factors to Consider when Buying a Mora Knife

Mora knives are known for their stability, durability, and versatility, but how do you choose the best Mora knife in the market today?

Mora knife or Morakniv knife is one of the most versatile small sheath knives used for several purposes, including survival, tactical, camping, fishing, and hunting purposes.

One of the best things about Morakniv knives is there are many options to choose from, specific for particular activities or tasks. And if you are currently planning to invest one or a few but having a hard time choosing, here are the top factors to consider when you buy a Mora knife:

#1: Purpose

Most of the Mora knives are versatile, but these knives perform better when used according to their specifications. Also, not all Mora knives can perform the same functions as the others.

If you are planning to purchase your first Mora knife, you should determine how you should use the knife? Is it for carving wood, splitting the word, hunting or fishing, and other outdoor adventure tasks? Your purpose of purchasing a Mora knife will help you choose the right Mora knife size.

#2: Construction

There are two types of Mora knife – folding and fixed blade knives. And when you choose a Mora knife, you need to pick one of the two constructions.

Folding Mora knives are generally lighter than fixed-blade knives. These knives are easy to carry and lighter to use. However, the folding mechanism of these knives can become a problem on few occasions, where retracting the knife from its compartment becomes difficult.

Fixed-blade Mora knives are heavier than folding knives; even so, these knives are easier and more comfortable to use than folding knives. At Wandering Privateer, you will find well-reviewed types of Mora knives that will also help you choose one.

#3: Blade Size

Another factor to consider when buying a Mora knife is the blade size.

The size of the blade and the purpose are the deciding factors for most. How will you use the knife? Is it for hunting, carving, cutting, camping, or survival tasks? If it is for hunting, choose a Mora knife with a longer blade length. Meanwhile, if it is for carving or DIY survival or camping tasks, you should consider Mora knives with smaller, stubbier, and thicker blades because these types of knives can withstand more pressure and tension.

#4: Materials

After deciding on the size of the blade, you should also pay attention to its materials. There are two common materials used to make the blades – carbon steel and stainless steel. Between the two, the stainless steel-blade Mora knives are popular because of their rust resistance. Meanwhile, carbon-steel Mora knives are an excellent choice for heavy-duty cutting or carving tasks; however, these knives require frequent maintenance to avoid rusting and corrosion of blades

#5: Durability

Always opt for a Mora knife that offers durability. Check product reviews before buying one of your choices and find out which is worth purchasing. Do not compromise quality over price.