Top Things to Love about Weber Genesis II 335

Weber, a reliable company that manufactures grills, has come up with another Genesis 300 model that will add to their collections of the best grills in the market today – the Weber Genesis II 335.

If you are currently planning to change your traditional grilling equipment to a modern gas grill, you should consider buying the Weber Genesis II 335; here are the top things to love about the grill that will change your grilling experience:

1. It is designed with sear station

One of the best things about the Weber Genesis II 335 that you’ll definitely fall in love is its sear station; the powerful gas-grill is manufactured with a fourth burner that is located at the primary cooking chamber. Even though the burner may seem small in size than the other burners, it plays a huge task when you are grilling. The burner allows you to speed up the time to make the grate hotter – enough for searing – than the other areas of the grill.

2. Equipped with 3 high-performing stainless steel burners

Another factor to love about the Weber Genesis II 335 is its high-performing and revolutionary stainless steel burners that can produce 39,000 BTU per hour input, which enables you to grill your steak the way you want it done, without doing too much effort and waiting for a long time.

Plus, the grill is also equipped with powerful and useful side shelf mounted side burner with 12,000 BTU per hour input and sear station with 9,000 BTU per hour input; if combined, these burners can produce 60,000 BTUs, which is essential in producing fine grilled food for numbers of guests. So, if it is anything about efficiency when grilling, you’ll get plenty of heat out of Weber’s Genesis 335.

3. The GS4 high-performing grilling system

Unlike other grills that you can find in the market today, all Weber gas-grill series are equipped with high-performing GS4 grilling system. The system is composed of four high-performing features, as follows:

•    Innovated with advanced E2i Ignitors
•    Designed and manufactured with high-performing burners.
•    One of the kind flavorizer bars that you won’t find in any other gas grills in the market.
•    The convenience of having a grease management system; this makes cleaning much easier and faster.
•    Equipped with high-performing cast iron grate that leaves perfect grill marks on your steak.

Weber Genesis II 335 specifications:

•    Grilling area (primary): 513 square inches
•    Warming rack (fold-away): 156 square inches
•    Numbers of primary burners: There are 3 primary burners; if rated with combined output, it can produce 39,000 BTU per hour input
•    Side burners: 12,000 BTU per hour input
•    Sear station burner: 9,000 BTU per hour input
•    Product dimension: 47” H x 59” W x 29” D
•    Total warranty: The II 335 has 10 years warranty for all components

Final Verdict

The Weber Genesis II 335 is one of a kind gas-grill that you can find in the market today; so, if you are planning to invest a gas-grill soon, you should consider this model.