Ways to Make You Old Car Feel New

Having an old car is cost effective and it has a lot of value considering the cost of buying a new car. With effective care and maintenance an old car can be a the best asset you ever owned. A quality old car deserves to be taken care of; below are some of the tips you will keep if feeling new and comfortable, after all, age is just a number, so I say!

Clean your car as often as you can

Nothing makes anything feel old than dirt does, and a car is not an exception. You should give your car a detailed wash aside from the regular cleaning that you usually do. A clean car that appears shiny will always feel newer. Clean every nook and cranny that might be hiding dirt to make your car smell and look nice. You don’t need to visit a car wash to do such detailed cleaning, you can do it yourself by using some of the best budget pressure washers on the market.

Do some tune ups

A nicely tuned engine makes cars give their best performance and it  ensures that it uses the right amount of fuel. Car engines go out of tune every now and then especially when the car has been used for some time. for this reason, older cars will need more frequent tuning as compared to newer cars so that they can give an optical performance.


As a car ages, it brakes will become weaker such that it will eventually stop after some distance when braked. Its suspension system also tends to become weaker making the car less comfortable than it was before. When you keep your brakes efficient and you have your old car’s suspension upgraded after some time then you might fail to realize that it is not a new car. You will enjoy driving it and you will feel very comfortable in it. Besides enjoying driving, a good car’s braking system will ensure that your safety is guaranteed on the road.


As you maneuver around with your car, driving and parking it in the open, its paint is prone to chipping and fading. Small scratches from minor accidents also make the old car’s paint to have dents and nicks here and there. Such can be fixed by having a repainting work done on your car to give it a young look once more. You can n=wax your car so that the paint remains intact for longer periods.

Replace the door seals

You don’t want to feel the door bang when you lock it, but that’s how your car will do when you don’t replace the door seals. Door seals wear off with time causing the car to rattle when moving and its uncomfortable since cold air and dust will leak in. Replace the door seals to make your car look and feel new.

Fix the electronics

The stereo of your car can be changed to match with what is trending in the current market. Old stereo might lack features like iPod docking and Bluetooth compatibility but the good news is that you can replace it to make your car feel new again.