What is the ISEE test?

An Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is the exam that is used to determine the qualifications of the qualifications of students who wants to join the independent and many magnet schools in the famous United States. The exams contain various stages; these include the verbal reasoning test, reading comprehension, mathematical tests to determine your quantitative skills, quantitative reasoning and 30 minutes of essay writing. The education records bureau usually administers the exam. Find out more at

What is the ISEE test? The difference between ISEE and SSAT is that SSAT examines secondary schools while ISEE examines primary schools.

The exam is usually administered on three different levels; the levels depend on the student’s current grades. The level includes:

  1. The lower level- this is administered to students whore have 4-5 grades and would wish the school to administer them to grade 5 and grade 6
  2. The middle level- this level is for those students who currently have grades 6 to 7 and would want to have admissions for grade 7 and grade 8
  3. The upper level – this is the last level of an exam administered, it targets those who have grades 8 to 11, who would wish to get admissions for grades 9 and grades 12.

The test format

The format of ISEE is as follows

Verbal reasoning section, this section takes a maximum of 20 minutes with 34 questions for lower level and 40 questions each for the middle and upper level. The verbal reasoning section usually contains the sentence completion words with some vocabularies type of questions. They are presented in the form of abstract, appropriate grade level words that are followed by the answers for the student to select the best appropriate answer. The best choice from the four provided answers must be selected.

Quantitative section- this is a quantitative section that has some word problems that require 35 minutes to be done.

The comprehension section – this section has a passage and questions that correspond to the passage provided. It takes 25 minutes for lower level and 35 minutes for both the upper and middle level.

The essay- students are given a specific topic at their level to respond to. It takes 30 minutes to complete the essay.