What To Know When Gifting An Electric Coffee Grinder

Gifting a coffee grinder

So you want to grind your coffee beans? If you are tired of getting your coffee from an expensive coffee shop, but you are not satisfied with the pre-ground coffee beans that are available in the market today, then choosing to grind your beans is a great solution.

Electric Blade Grinder

There are two types of electric coffee grinders that you can choose from today. The most basic and the most affordable of which is the electric blade grinder. This type will be able to grind your brans decently, but not exactly the way you want it. The blade in the grinders is the reason for this because it oxidizes the beans more, causing the loss of flavor and aroma. However, if you’re not bothered by this, then you can get one for under a hundred dollars easily, and this is already a good brand.

Burr Grinders

Burr grinders, on the other hand, are more advanced and precise in grinding the level of fineness you want. This type of grinder can give you 8-17 different levels, to suit your exact needs. Imagine having that many levels, it takes one powerful machine. The capresso burr grinder are usually preferred by coffee nuts who know their coffee, and by professionals who run their coffee shops. However, with models today ranging from $100-$300 for the decent brands and other well-known brands going up to thousands of dollars, you have several choices to choose from that suits your budget and personal needs.

Just one pointer when choosing an electric coffee grinder is to determine how many cups it can grind at once. One trick to get a really good brand without spending thousands is to get the compact model that can accommodate 2-4 cups at once. If you are just making coffee for yourself or a few people, a compact model will suffice you and will save you hundreds of dollars too.

It has been a long running debate throughout the ages…is it the smell of roasted coffee beans being ground or is it purely the taste. Your use of an electric coffee grinder will only add to the dilemma. So sit back in your most comfortable arm chair and sip on your steaming hot coffee full or that distinctive aroma while you read this article.

Coffee is, without doubt, the best loved international drink ever known and it can be prepared in a myriad of ways. All culminating in it being savored in a most satisfactory manner by the fortunate drinker. But… without doubt, nothing beats the aroma that drifts from the electric coffee grinder as it works away getting your favorite beverage prepared for your enjoyment.

This now begs the question: Which is the best electric coffee grinder out there?

There are more coffee grinders on the market today than there are coffee beans that make up a cup of coffee. This leaves the potential purchaser of one in somewhat of a quandary. How does one go about deciding which is the best?

You could go on aroma if you wished but that would only leave you with a dire compulsion to get that drink up and coming as fast as you could…ahh, there is your answer – speed! A turbo-charged electric coffee grinder!

You don’t want to be waiting all day or night to get those coffee beans all ground up – after all – that was why this grinder was invented in the first place!

However it wouldn’t be practical to go around and test all the electric coffee grinders yourself before you come up with a decision, so we have gone ahead and done it for you. And it’s not just speed we’ve looked at. Reliability, sturdiness, and appearance also come into it to lead you to the best coffee grinder out there…