What to Wear During Summer Motorcycle Riding

Are you planning to go on a summer motorcycle riding spree? Before you hit the road, make sure to wear the correct gear to assure a safe and enjoyable ride.

Summer is the best time to hit the open road. However, it is also time for humid weather and heat. Riding under the scorching heat of the sun is very uncomfortable. Then, how can you make your summer ride more enjoyable?

Wear the correct riding gear. 

Wearing correct riding gear is crucial for safe driving. It reduces your risk of fatal injuries due to crashes. Riding with gears is not only for safety measures, but it is also for a comfortable ride. For instance, wearing safety gear will also protect you from the cold, rain, and scorching heat of the sun.

Motorbike riding gear varies in style, and each design has a specific function and purpose. Riding gears with extra thermal lining are more suitable for the winter season. Wearing such type of gear during summer is not the best idea. It will make you sweat excessively and feel discomfort. If you want to hit the road this summer, below are the motorcycle gears you must wear during hot weather.

#1 Ventilated Helmet

The helmet is a basic and essential riding gear. However, wearing the wrong head gear in summer can only bring discomfort instead of making you enjoy the ride.

During summer, the best option is a well-ventilated helmet. Most headgear today has this feature. However, only a few have excellent ventilation. When you look for a helmet, make sure it supports air circulation and dissipates heat. This feature prevents you from sweating and it allows your head to stay cool despite being under the sun for a long time. You could check this website for reliable and honest reviews about the best helmets this year.

#2 Cooling Motorbike Jacket

Despite the heat, it is essential to wear a motorbike jacket. It protects you from the impact of a crash. Moreover, it serves as an extra layer of protection from environmental factors.

But when you search for a motorbike jacket, what you need to look for is one with cooling technology. This type of jacket usually came from breathable materials like mesh. Thus, it is essential to check the jacket’s materials to ensure that it is suitable for a summer ride.

#3 Moisture Wicking Shirt

Moisture-wicking shirts have become more popular these days. You can wear it underneath your motorbike jacket instead of wearing a thick t-shirt.

A moisture-wicking t-shirt helps in absorbing sweat and moisture due to high humidity. Also, this type of shirt is designed to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.

#4 Motorbike Pants

It is critical to wear this kind of riding gear to protect your lower body from injuries from a possible accident. Moreover, it assures your skin is protected from harmful rays of the sun. However, these gears are often overlooked.

When you look for motorbike pants, you need to look for well-ventilated and lightweight riding gear. Such motorbike pants are breathable and support mobility. They are more comfortable to wear during summer since it keeps your lower body cool and sweat-free.