When Buying an Anti-Fatigue Mat

While there are a lot of people today who are working in front of the desk, sitting on a cushiony swivel chair for the entire day, there are also quite a huge number of the working population who are standing for eight hours or more. Sure sitting down has its downsides, like the recently published and spread findings on the dangers of prolonged sitting. But standing for the entire day has a more immediate negative effect. This is mainly fatigue. It’s a difficult position to maintain. People who use standing desks because of the fear of spinal damage from sitting down eventually settle for adjustable desks and chairs because they can’t sustain a standing position.

The good news is that there is a way to alleviate the negative effects of standing up. And this is by standing on a surface that can ease the effort as well as provide ample cushioning. Anti-fatigue mats are becoming quite popular these days. It doesn’t take a lot of advertising to convince people to use them. Anyone who has been working standing up can’t wait to get their hands on one.

However, just like any products in existence, buying without doing prior research is a bad idea. Responsible consumers will do their part in knowing what to look for in a product before buying it.

Material Used

Anti-fatigue mats come in different materials: foam rubber and gel – needless to say that these three materials have distinct feels. Foam is the least comfortable; rubber is just about average, while gel provides amazing comfort. However, relative to their level of comfort are their proportional price ranges. Foam is the cheapest and is the most common one in the market. Rubber is not as common but is also around average in price. Gel, of course, is the most expensive of the three.

It’s understandable if people go for rubber. But really, the point of buying an anti-fatigue mat is to reduce the feeling of tiredness. Which of the three does it best? Yep, gel. So it’s typically a wise idea to buy something according to its effectiveness.

Brand Reputation

The advice of going for popular brands isn’t a fair one to small manufacturers. However, buyers deserve to reduce the chances of ending up with unreliable products. A brand’s reputation may sound like a petty thing to consider when buying an anti-fatigue mat, but it’s really not.

A popular brand typically developed their reputation over the course of their operations and has likely been developing products that the market looks up to as the industry standard. But if a buyer prefers to go for unpopular brands, then they should take the time to read reviews and blogs. Check out a site that has a thorough review and guides on anti-fatigue mats and read this post to get a better idea which brands are worth going for.

Overall – just reading reviews when buying anything is a wise idea. Not just when buying anti-fatigue mats but also when buying anything, whether from an online store or the local specialty store. When it comes to anti-fatigue mats, though, buying them online is usually a more practical option because of the convenience of having it delivered straight to the buyer’s doorstep.