Why You Need The Right Pair Of Water Shoes

right pair of shoes

What is a water shoe?

It is a kind of a footwear that is mainly used for the below activities: wet trail swimming, boat fishing, hiking on muddy and water sporting events.

Kayaking is one of the activities where the feet are mostly to become wet. Mesh is the fabric that is mainly used when making a water shoes because it has a hard sole and prevents abrasions and cuts when walking in a rocky, wet areas. They also can be used to secure the person wearing it in waters that are filled with sharp rocked objects or zebra mussels, but only that it doesn’t keep the wearer’s feet dry but just protects it. In areas like finger lakes, it has now become a routine to wear a water shoe due to sharp-edged mussels that arefound there.

Reasons needed for a water shoe


Yes the old fashioned water shoes you used to know are now a history and in this current century that we are in, everything is always about fashion. You might be eager to know that there are now varieties of water shoes like merrell womens water shoes and they can be made in resembles of a sandal, toe separated athlete shoe and sneakers. Well, not to say that the old one does not exist, they are just bringing more unique styles to the market.

Foot protection

Have you ever stepped on rocky sharp edge or flipped your toe? Be it in the beach or your residing area, if u have then I’m sure you know how bad it hurts. The regular shoes can never protect you on such in incidents but the closed water shoes are likely to protect you from these hazards. Besides that, it’s another advantage it is designed to drain water quicker than any shoes. You can use them in swimming area and fully rely on it to give you the protection you need. Indeed you can never be wrong with a water shoes because they are also designed to give your feet a great support.

Improved Traction

Some rocks may look dry on the outside but the moment you decide to step on them you flip your toe. The water shoes have a rubber sole that provides you with the extra traction you need to give the full protection so you don’t trip and fall.

You don’t have to damage your good shoe

They purposely made for the beaches, muddy areas and pools. And you can still use them in the rain. They drain much better than the regular shoes and even if they keep the feet wet, they still prevents you from getting a blister. One more thing is that they are light in water unlike the regular ones which are so easily filled with water and takes quite a long time to dry too.

It has a better temperature regulation

Sometimes the cold water in the beach puts quite a damper but luckily you have the water shoes to assist you with that. After having a cold swim you can wear them to keep your feet warm and same applies to the beach, if the weather is hot you can still rely on them for the cooling off.