Your Guide to Wealthy Affiliate Platform

The Wealthy Affiliate was organized in the year 2005 lead by Kyle and Carson. The platform has undergone several improvements and development over the years which become a leading technological edge currently. Also, they have a good position in the website hosting and online software training and in education.

Wealthy Affiliate update in 2018 and offers a powerful package of functionality to all members. The latest upgrade is now mobile friendly.

Subscribers are teaching on how to actually make money on Wealthy Affiliate. The ambassadors of Wealthy Affiliate also contribute to the training and mentoring for the whole community. The more experienced members are happy to share their stories and techniques with the less experienced newcomers.

Wealthy Affiliate Support System

Once you subscribe on the platform you can benefit from 24/7 support system. You can use the following features below provided by the community where they are extremely supportive.

#1: Live Chat Support

This allows you to raise questions or problems relating online and you can seek guidance from the other members who have experience and leaders.

#2: Tickets

The support tickets can be put for specific questions and will automatically log with Wealthy Affiliate.

#3: You can use Private Email

Any subscribers can consult the other expert members or mentors via email. Also, you can make a visible post to all which any experienced members will quickly respond.

Why Do We recommend it?

As for overall evaluation, we recommend this platform, especially for online business newcomers. We have to use the platform for over a period of twelve months and we have concluded that the platform is the best software package available. Also, this is a good system that we have encountered in terms of Affiliate Marketing.

The platform definitely gives you everything enabling you to make money in online writing and of course, if writing is your passion.

Wealthy Affiliate is the first class product with proven history especially of trading and software development. It has grown more than 1.4 million active users and still growing. The platform offers you the leading technology edge for website hosting and building websites.

If you wish to join, then visit their website, so you can enjoy free unlimited time trial. This will also help you in finding the benefits of it.

What are the 5 Training Levels within Wealthy Affiliate?

All training is carried out in every small simple step; you will be informed using written instructions and video explanation where all subscribers can follow before they can move to the next level.

Here is what covers the Training:

1st Level – Getting Started

2nd Level – Build your own product website traffic

3rd Level – Teaching you how to make money

4th Level – Teach you to Master the Social Engagement

5th Level – Guide you to achieve success through content creation

Building a website is done after you follow all the training sessions, applying all the techniques and refine your website until it is ready for launching. Also, it will be great if you can rank it to the Google search engine.